Messenger Research Group

Messenger Research Group

We apply the JSC NanoSIMS 50L ion microprobe to study the isotopic and chemical compositions a primitive astromaterials, including comet dust returned by the Stardust spacecraft, interplanetary dust particles, presolar grains, primitive meteorites, and lunar samples. Our research often involves coordinated analyses of samples by NanoSIMS, TEM, and organic analyses by ultra-L2MS. The NanoSIMS is particularly adept at high spatial resolution (~100 nm) isotopic imaging – a capability that led to the discovery of silicate stardust grains in meteorites and IDPs.

We are developing the NanoSIMS to enable new types of applications and research. Some recent examples include high precision/high spatial resolution O isotopic imaging of CAIs and high spatial resolution rare Earth element measurements.

For more information and publications, visit our website.

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