NASA Administrator discusses #StateofNASA. ARES honored to be part of current/future endeavors

In his “State of NASA” address, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden spoke about NASA’s scientific and technological achievements as well as cutting-edge future. He highlighted key work and advancements by the agency during the last few years and discussed many of the future goals NASA continues to work toward. This includes the exploration of Mars and elsewhere in our solar system and beyond, aeronautics research, development of technology to enable humans to explore deep space, and research aboard the International Space Station for the benefit of life on Earth and for astronauts on long duration space missions.

Staff @NASA_ARES are involved in many aspects of the work discussed – but one upcoming highlight worth mentioning is the DNA sequencing in space experiment led by @NASA_ARES Principal Investigator Aaron Burton and Deputy Project Manager/Project Engineer Kristen John (inset image). As mentioned by Administrator Bolden, in May, astronaut Kate Rubins will launch to the International Space Station (ISS) and plans to become the first person to perform DNA sequencing in space after she arrives at the ISS.

View a video of the “State of NASA” address at:


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