#ANSMET expedition complete! Team spent 5 weeks in #Antarctica searching for #meteorites!

#ANSMET 2015/2016 expedition complete! This amazing team, like so many others before them, spent five weeks in Antarctica (Miller Range) searching for meteorites in what most would consider bitter cold conditions. Think these team members would want to do this again next year?? Ask any one of them the next time you see them and see what they say! How about you – would you want to search for meteorites in Antarctica?

Now that this year’s mission is complete, the collected samples will be transported to our #NASA_Curation Meteorite Laboratory in Building 31 at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. We can’t wait to receive this year’s fabulous finds that through research and analysis, will help scientists better understand the history of our solar system! #RocksFromSpace

To read about this year’s 2015/16 Field Season, go to: http://caslabs.case.edu/ansmet/category/15-16/

(Images courtesy of Case Western Reserve University and the 2015/16 Field team)


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