#ANSMET team continues their search for #meteorites in the #MillerRange in #Antarctica

This season’s #ANSMET team continues their search for meteorites in the Miller Range. The team searches for meteorites both large and small. Our very own @NASA_ARES team member, Cindy Evans, is seen here “face to the ice” searching for meteorites. As a sample is deemed worth collecting, a team member takes a photo of the sample with a counter/image scale device hovering above it. The sample is recovered using tongs and is put into a Teflon bag provided by #NASA_Curation. Once the sample is in the bag, the unique identifying number, embossed on a metal tag, is affixed to the sample bag (without touching the sample). The team did a midseason inventory (Nina and Morgan in bottom right image) and as of January 7, 2016, they have recovered a total of 392 samples….but their search continues!


To read more about this year’s 2015/16 Field Season, go to: http://caslabs.case.edu/ansmet/category/15-16/

(Images courtesy of Case Western Reserve University and the 2015/16 Field team)

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