Micro-CT scanning enables detailed examination of clasts within lunar rocks

Our @NASA_ARES staff has completed preliminary work on the use of Micro-CT scanning with Apollo samples.  This animation illustrates how we used Micro-CT scanning to obtain detail on a specific basaltic clast within Apollo sample 60639.  As the animation begins you are first looking at the exterior surface of the sample before “cutting in” to look within the sample focusing in on the basaltic clast.  Making the low density portions of the rock transparent gives a better view of the whole clast and other high density clasts and mineral grains (e.g., olivines & pyroxenes) within the sample.  (Animation created through a collaboration between NASA_ARES & Natasha Almeida at the Natural History Museum in London.)

View animation at: https://youtu.be/Lgivyr3kICY



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