#ANSMET 2015/16 Team has been busy at #McMurdo Station

What do you do as you wait for your transportation to the Miller Range to begin this year’s search for meteorites?  Well….at McMurdo Station the #ANSMET 2015/16 field team has completed extensive training, gathered food & supplies for their expedition, visited the Long Duration Balloon Facility, and even participated in the McMurdo 10K!  Cindy also shared this neat street view of the Crary Science Center at McMurdo.  Check it out:  https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/maps/streetview/#antarctica/crary-science-center

To read more about this year’s 2015/16 Field Season, go to: http://caslabs.case.edu/ansmet/category/15-16/
(Images courtesy of Case Western Reserve University and the 2015/16 Field team)


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