2015/16 #ANSMET Team Heading to the Icefields of the Miller Range to Collect #Meteorites

The 2015/16 ANSMET Team expedition site will be the icefields of the Miller Range (look for MIL on map on the left). This site was last visited in 2013/14 field season but has been visited eight previous seasons (‘85, ‘99, ‘03, ‘05, ‘07, ‘09, ‘11, ‘13) in which ~2500 specimens were collected from all those seasons combined. The #NASA_Curation team, especially those from our #Meteorite lab (image bottom right) look forward to receiving the collection from this year’s expedition. Newly collected specimens collected during the 2015/16 field season will be delivered to our lab facility at the NASA Johnson Space Center in the spring. (Satellite View of Miller Range courtesy of Case Western Reserve University)

To read more about this year/s 2015/16 Field Season go to: http://caslabs.case.edu/ansmet/category/15-16/


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