Viewing Our Dynamic Earth From Space – ESRS Interview

With Earth Day being in April (4/22), this month we are taking a closer look at our Earth. Check out this short interview with Dr. Lisa Vanderbloemen, from the @NASA_ARES Earth Science and Remote Sensing (ESRS) Unit at the NASA Johnson Space Center. She discusses the value of using the International Space Station (ISS) as a platform to take a closer look at planet Earth. She also shares beautiful Crew Earth Observations imagery taken by ISS crew members. The ESRS Unit works with astronauts on a daily basis to help them acquire imagery requested by scientists and students conducting investigations utilizing #CrewEarthObs imagery of Earth from space. Crew Earth Observations imagery also allows astronauts on the ISS to capture dynamic events and help contribute to work being done through the International Disaster Charter. All the imagery, as well as time-lapse video created by our staff, is housed on our Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website ( The imagery helps all of us here on Earth gain a perspective of our home planet as viewed from above.

View the entire interview at:


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