Orion Underway Recovery Test at Sea



Orion URT Helicopter Crew

Image Science and Analysis Group (ISAG) personnel traveled this week to San Diego to participate in the Orion Underway Recovery Test (URT).  The Underway Recovery Test (URT) will take place up to 100 miles off the San Diego, CA coast and will exercise procedures for photo documentation of the crew module external surfaces during recovery operations. ISAG personnel will oversee the execution of plans they developed for acquiring, cataloging, and managing the distribution of imagery.

Getting Prepared with Helicopter and Cameras.   In preparation for the URT, ISAG personnel coordinated a final fit check of camera equipment onboard a Navy helicopter and assisted the choreography of airborne photographers in the takeoff/landing and in-flight “ready-for-­acquisition” configurations.


Orion URT Helicopter Camera


Orion URT Helicopter Harness Checkout

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