Meet #MyARES

Eileen K. Stansbery, Director
Astromaterials, Research & Exploration Science

Eileen Stansbery

Dr. Stansbery, Director of Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), is responsible for the planning and managing of all functions in support of the physical sciences at JSC including astromaterials curation and associated research of planetary materials, support to human and robotic spaceflight through science planning and operations, image analysis, orbital debris and the risks of micrometeoroids and orbital debris to spacecraft.

Her areas of scientific interest are planetary exploration with specific expertise in sample return, contamination control and the curation and quarantine of extraterrestrial samples. Her expertise includes space physics and systems analysis.

Dr. Stansbery had a major role from inception in the Genesis Discovery Mission (a solar wind sample return) as the Mission Contamination Control Lead, Curation Lead, and the JSC Project Manager. She was responsible for contamination control, collector material installation, ultra-precision cleaning of the science canister, and curation of the samples that were returned in 2004.

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