Severe Storms

Severe Storms

The series of eleven images above depicts the strongest hurricane, cyclone, or typhoon during each year, regardless of ocean basin. It includes storms both infamous and obscure. The judging is based on the storm with the highest wind speed, using lowest minimum pressure as a tie-breaker when needed. The images were all captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra or Aqua satellites, and they are all shown at the same scale.
In the past 11 years, two of the most powerful storms were in the Atlantic/Caribbean basin, six were in the Western Pacific (and north of the equator), and three were in the South Pacific. Even without looking at the table below, you can distinguish Northern Hemisphere storms from Southern by examining the imagery. Northern cyclones rotate counterclockwise, while southern storms rotate clockwise (because of the Coriolis force). All storm categories are based on the Saffir-Simspon Hurricane Scale….Read More.

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