Meet #ARES_Scientist

Paul B. Niles, Planetary Scientist

Paul Niles

Dr. PAUL B. NILES is a planetary geologist and analytical geochemist at Johnson Space Center (JSC). He is mainly interested in interpreting the geologic conditions of past aqueous environments on Earth, Mars, and meteorite parent bodies. He seeks to answer questions regarding the temperatures, time scales, nature of water-rock interaction, and chemical characteristics of these ancient aqueous systems with the final goal of assessing their suitability for sustaining life. He researches these questions through high resolution chemical and stable isotopic measurements of secondary minerals using a variety of instruments including the ion microprobe (SIMS). In addition, he uses laboratory experiments to simulate the ancient aqueous environments in order to better understand the complex micro-scale relationships found in the rock record… Read more about His Primordial Aqueous Environments Research Group.

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