Mangroves, Domes, and Flats on the UAE Coast

mangroves, domes and flats

A mention of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) coast might bring to mind the artificial islands near the city of Dubai. But to the southwest, the UAE coast is dotted with a complex mixture of natural features: mangroves, salt domes, salt flats, and coral reefs. The Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) on the Landsat 7 satellite captured some of this mixture on September 18, 2001, when it imaged Abu Dhabi (Abu Zabi) and the coastal region to the west.

The area around Abu Dhabi is rich in mangroves—trees and shrubs able to grow in salty soil and water—that help prevent coastal erosion. Although mangrove forests typically occur in tropical and subtropical environments, the summertime temperatures along the UAE coast (often exceeding 35°C, or 95°F) pose challenges to mangrove survival. Mangrove forests here have grown in recent decades, according to the UAE government, thanks to large-scale re-forestation programs….Read More.

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