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The Coolest Videos Ever

 Our very own Melissa Dawson of the Earth Observations Group was featured on the Johnson Space Center Homepage and credited with “an idea that would revolutionize the way every human being would see our planet.  ” After viewing some of her work, that glowing accolade may have merit. At the very least, Melissa has created some of the coolest videos ever.

Melissa generated the videos from long sequences of time-lapse images of the Earth taken from the ISS. The low-light sensitive camera captures impressive detail of nighttime features such as city lights, airglow, and even a comet. When the images are stitched together into sequences, dynamic features such as dancing aurora and lightning are really stunning.

 Melissa’s videos have been an instant hit with the public – the metrics are through the roof for the ARES website Gateway to Astronaut Photography. Read more about Melissa’s brainchild and link to the videos at of the Earth that hosts the videos

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